Friday, April 24, 2009

Cruise family pics

Our family pics aboard the Royal Caribean Liberty of the Seas, boarding on Dec. 6th. One of the funnest vacations we've had as a family....We've been very blessed in 2008 to have some great vacations with Brad's family. You have to know about the last picture; we all had T-shirts that said, "I'm with him" with an arrow gong all the same way. At the end of the line is Brad's dad, but his shirt has a picture of a Master Card and it says, "I'm him". It was hilarious! Everybody on the boat was asking, "who's 'him'?" It was so great!

I hope you'll take some time and look at some of the "older posts" because all of our trip is there. It's taken awhile for me to get this all up, but it sure is fun to look at them.

Cruise family pics

Brad's family (mom, dad, sister, her husband and daughter) and our family, along with some of Brad's extended family all came aboard the Liberty of the Seas. We all had a great time and even got to catch up a bit.

Cruise Aimee

Aimee was not with us alot, but at dinner we had the pleasure of having her with us. Other times, she was found with different guys almost every time we saw her. She had a great time and met many great friends.

Cruise Brayden

This is Brayden at his best. He was great at the first of the night, but by end of dinner he had had enough. We couldn't keep him awake. Got him to the show and he fell asleep there too!

Kalli on Cruise

Kalli had a great time too. The night of the formal dinner, however, she was being a real PILL. She would not smile for nothing and she was just so darn cute!!!

San Juan, Puero Rico

Pulling into our first port of San Juan, Puerto Rico. This was probably the pretties of all the ports. One day, we'll go back and stay a bit. I'd love to see more! Brayden and I were the only ones ready in time to get pics coming into port. I couldn't resist putting the sexy "hair" picture of myself. I love the back ground. It was pretty windy going in.

San Juan Fort El Morro

Fort Del Morro in San Juan. Very historical site, that had beauty along with history.