Friday, April 24, 2009

Cruise family pics

Our family pics aboard the Royal Caribean Liberty of the Seas, boarding on Dec. 6th. One of the funnest vacations we've had as a family....We've been very blessed in 2008 to have some great vacations with Brad's family. You have to know about the last picture; we all had T-shirts that said, "I'm with him" with an arrow gong all the same way. At the end of the line is Brad's dad, but his shirt has a picture of a Master Card and it says, "I'm him". It was hilarious! Everybody on the boat was asking, "who's 'him'?" It was so great!

I hope you'll take some time and look at some of the "older posts" because all of our trip is there. It's taken awhile for me to get this all up, but it sure is fun to look at them.


emily :) said...

What a fun vacation! Has it been too long to remember the warmth and sun?

Johnson Family said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation--I'm jealous! Thanks for sharing.

Amye Kay said...

Hey those are some really good pictures! You could use them on your Christmas card! :) It really does look like you had a marvelous trip